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Welcome to Alibi.

Cocktail bar. Private karaoke rooms.

The home of great nights, swish cocktails & the best soundtrack.



We like to party. Everybody does.

We absolutely love a party and can't wait for you to have yours with us. You have the option to book an area for your guests for free, or there's even the possibility of hiring out the entire venue - including the karaoke rooms!


Happy Birthday To Ya...

Right, listen. We love birthday parties. So much so, that we go the extra mile to ensure that your (or your loved one's) party is one to remember! Expect a fuss to be made of you.


For any birthday booking in the bar or main karaoke room for a group of 10 or more, you will receive special birthday treats from us!

Whilst we are delighted to host all sorts of events, please note that we don't take 18th or 21st birthday parties!

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Birthday Party Info Alibi (1).png


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If you fancy something a little more low key and just want a table booking, please make a 'group drinks booking' on the booking form.

We can reserve tables for free, for groups of between 4 and 12 people.


Click here to go straight there.


Please read our Terms & Conditions for drinks & karaoke bookings here.

Bookings & Christmas


Singing with your pals. Lucky you.

Alibi karaoke pictures
Alibi Large Karaoke Room Pictures

Main Karaoke Room: 8 - 16 people

Through the arch and down the stairs, lies our two karaoke rooms. ​Where fun & shenanigans are only a booking away.

Our main, larger room is available for private hire, for between 8 - 16 people. We book this room out for 1 hour and 45 minutes and the cost is £100.
Our smaller room
, The Snug, is available for between 3-7 people and we book this room out by the hour, for £30 an hour.

Booking is really easy, just click the link below or fill in the enquiry form. If you have any questions about a booking you'd like to make, please click here to get in touch. 


It doesn't need to be a special occasion...but we love those too:
- Birthdays - Kids Parties - Work Do's - Hen Parties 

Please read our Terms & Conditions for karaoke bookings here.
**Please note we only accept karaoke bookings for Under 18's at 1pm, 3pm or 5pm, as we are not licensed for Under 18's after 8pm! **

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The Snug: 3 - 7 people

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It's good for your elf.

It's that time of year again folks...

We're so excited to get the festive spirit started for you all and hosting your Christmas / winter bash would be a treat for us!

Alibi can host full private hire events, karaoke parties or even just reserve some areas for your group.

Get in touch to let us know what you've got in mind, but there's always something that can be sorted!



Bring the Alibi magic to your event... We'll come to you!

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Are you having a big celebration at home? Or hired out a neutral venue and need a mega bar service?

Alibi is now available to be booked for your special event, bringing all your favourite drinks and bar staff to make your occasion extra wow.

We have 2 x 4 foot bars, that when combined can shake up drinks for events of up to 100 guests. We bring everything... ice, staff, equipment, mint sprigs, the whole kit and caboodle! Whatever you need, we'll sort it.

If you behave yourselves, we'll even bring the karaoke system too! Now that sounds like a proper party.

** Please note all quotes are available upon request and are held for 7 days ** 

Mobile Bars


Christmas wine and cheese.png

Genuinely, the best thing that we do!

Having performed over 300 wine and cheese events both online through the lockdown and in real life too since.... we've become dab hands at bringing wine and cheese to life!

Join us for 5 sensational pairings, all themed around Christmas and what's a great thing to enjoy on the big day. Expect things you know, a curve ball or two, and some wild cheese suggestions to get you in the mood for Christmas indulgence.

Tickets are £39 p/p with discounts to groups of 4 or more.

After the success of last year's team-up with Extra Fleur Event Styling, we've invited them back to host a Christmas wreath masterclass on Tuesday 12th December.

Using the finest fresh foilage and accessories, you'll be taking home something home something special, as well as having a proper laugh with friends whilst doing it!

Including a festive welcome drink and a sharing platter of food and enjoy a festive evening of wreath making with EXTRA FLEUR.

dec xmas poster 2023.png

December is looking good for us. Plenty going on, including quizzes every Thursday (with 2am finishes!), the best wine and cheese night you're going to find, as well as live music every Friday and Christmas Wreath Making too!

carlitos quiz red (1).png

Our quiz night is genuinely the most fun night of the week!

Every Thursday our teams battle it out to see who is the greatest of them all. Hosted by Carl, it's a totally inclusive night out where knowledge is power, and power is victory.

It's free to play and we kick off at 8pm. There's prizes and a heap load of the finest banter that you'll find on any night in Alty. We also buy

Bring your pals, join us, be the best.



Kids karaoke
kids karaoke stockimage.png
Karaoke Room 1.jpeg

Do you know a youngster who would absolutely love a karaoke birthday party?

Look no further folks - we're here to help!

We are delighted to hire out our main karaoke room to groups of budding karaoke superstars, every Saturday for our 1pm and 3pm slots, for up to 16 people.

It's £100 for the hire of the room and you can also enjoy discounted mocktails and pizza too!

Is the real life, or is this fantasy? 

We welcome groups from age 8 and upwards but there must always be a supervising adult (over 18) in the building at all times and with younger groups, we request that you stay in the room with the kids too. Drop us an email here for more info or click the button below to book in now!

**Please note we only accept karaoke bookings for Under 18's at 1pm, 3pm or 5pm, as we are not licensed for Under 18's after 8pm! **



Finally, a decent drink.

Come & join us.

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We've teamed up with our neighbours right across the road, Pizza Anna. Genuine Neopolitan pizza, made from scratch by fantastic guys!

Cocktails & pizza. Two rights do not make a wrong.

Get In Touch


Thank you!

Your singing might be terrible, but we still want to hear from you.


If you're interested...

Alibi has been nearly 3 years in the making. 

Originally set to open way back in early 2020, the lockdown locked away the Alibi project. However we always kept a beady eye on the place, wondering whether or not we would ever get the chance to do our thing.

Finally, it is ours...and Alibi is yours.

Run by Carl & Richard, the team behind Common Ground (a few doors down - but now sold!) and the legendary Translate Bar in Shoreditch, London, our pledge to you is a great place for the good times. 

Have a drink. Sing your heart out. Enjoy.

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About Us


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